Sunday Scratchups Moves Back to Mashup Mom

After a lot of thought, I’m moving Sunday Scratchups back to Sundays over on Mashup Mom rather than continuing it here as a separate site. Sunday Scratchups will largely move back to the original focus on weekly recipes around current sales (Scratchups being: Cooking from scratch around matchups!), and I’ll also be posting some of the older recipes back over to Mashup Mom so that we can revisit those there as they’re relevant. It just makes more sense to have everything, including recipes, in … [Read more...]

Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Slices

I told you yesterday about finding a prosciutto end on clearance at my local produce market, and made up Parmesan Prosciutto Potato Packets. Today, let's get all low-carb appetizer-y with Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Slices. Note that these are not nice thin wrap-around slices of prosciutto -- my "end," alas, turned out to be mostly rind and wouldn't slice up all pretty like that. Still darn tasty, though! I found this recipe on, and basically halved it for one … [Read more...]

Parmesan Prosciutto Potato Packets

Unlike most Sunday Scratchups recipes, Parmesan Prosciutto Potato Packets are not dairy free, and decidedly not low carb. Last night the kids ate Miracle Soup as an early dinner, while ScratchupsDad came home late with a hankering to grill up some hamburgers after Mr. 7 was in bed. (Yes, he had a hankering for hamburgers and I had a hankering for potatoes, so you begin to see why he is the only low carb one in the family here...) Never fear, the children aren't deprived; they're getting the … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie

You don't usually hear "gluten free," "dairy free," "low carb," and "chicken pot pie" together -- but today is Father's Day, and low carb ScratchupsDad deserved some comfort food! Chicken pot pie is one of the top comfort foods he misses from his pre-low carb days, so I set out to scratch up something that both he and dairy free Junior High Guy could enjoy, cognitive dissonance be damned. Given that this is what's left after they had at it, I'd say that Gluten Free Dairy Free Low Carb … [Read more...]

Chile Thyme Skillet Pork Chops

Do you ever find random unlabeled lumps of mystery meat in your freezer? (Please say yes and reassure me that I'm not the only disorganized  person who forgets to label things!) Last week, I found a package in my freezer which upon thawing turned out to contain these amazing giganto pork chops. I think this is "pork loin rib half sliced" and the remaining half of an even more giant package I picked up on sale a while pack. But then, of course, I had myself a thawed package of amazing … [Read more...]

Salad Bar Saturday

OK, we actually had this on a Thursday, but where's the alliteration in that, I ask you? Last night I threw together this low carb gluten free "salad bar" dinner for my family -- and it turned out to be a huge hit. I mixed together a bag of spinach and a bag of premium romaine salad for the salad itself, and then just put out a bunch of toppings so that everyone could choose their own favorites. Both Mr. 7 and Junior High Guy ended up eating a giant plate of salad, the rule being that they also … [Read more...]

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