Hazel Nut or Hazel Not — A Sunday Scratchups Smackdown

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Welcome back to the Sunday Scratchups Smackdown, where we compare similar products and see just how they stack up against each other. Up this week: Battle of the Hazelnut spreads!


This time, we have a three-way smackdown. Let’s introduce our competitors: Genuine Nutella hazelnut spread with skim milk & cocoa, Jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread, and Berryhill (ALDI) hazelnut spread with skim milk & cocoa.


The ingredient list on all of these is incredibly similar. And by the way guys: Despite any “part of a healthy breakfast” claims, these are largely made out of sugar, which is the first ingredient listed on each. Delicious as hazelnut spread is, it’s a treat. 🙂 In our standard two tablespoon serving size:

  • Nutella packs 21 g sugar.
  • Berryhill packs 18 g sugar.
  • Jif packs 21 g sugar.

They’re also fairly similar in terms of fat content:

  • Nutella has 11 g fat, 3.5 g of which is saturated fat.
  • Berryhill has 14 g fat, 3 g of which is saturated fat.
  • Jif has 14 g fat, 3.5 g of which is saturated fat.

Yes, but how did they taste?


So we did a blind three-way taste test, in which Mr. 6 was the most eager participant. (Mr. non-dairy 10 couldn’t partake, since all of these contain milk. I’ve seen various online recipes for non-dairy chocolate hazelnut spread, but lacked a bunch of hazelnuts to give it a try right now!) So, these results come from me, ScratchupsDad, and Mr. 6.


So how’d we do? In our blind taste test, spoon #1 = Nutella, spoon #2 = Jif, and spoon #3 = Berryhill. Here are our taste testers’ comments on each:

  • Nutella: Num. A little watery. Thin, but great flavor. Most hazelnut flavor. Too thin.
  • Jif: Stronger flavor. Delicious. Good texture. Really sweet. Emphatic head nodding. Like frosting.
  • Berryhill: Should be in the middle of a cookie. Thicker. Too sweet. Don’t like this chocolate flavor. Too thick. Good flavor and texture.

Everyone agreed that Nutella had the most hazelnut flavor, but that the texture was too thin. We also all agreed that Berryhill was the thickest — the most “peanut-butter-like” texture — and that Jif was the sweetest of the lot.

And the winner is…?


In our three-way vote: Two votes for Jif, and one vote for Berryhill. Surprisingly, no votes for the original Nutella, which lost out mainly on texture issues! Everyone liked the hazelnut flavor of Nutella the best, but liked the texture of the other products more, and thought they had a better balance between texture and flavor.

ScratchupsDad and Mr. 6 both liked Jif the best, and I liked Berryhill. I thought Jif was too sweet, and that it basically tasted like frosting, while both the boys thought that Berryhill was too thick. I’m outvoted!

So: What’s your favorite hazelnut spread?

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  1. pj kincaid says:

    Nutella can be expensive. Just tried Berryhill today, never had Jif, but I don’t want frosting either.
    Berryhill was marked down to $1.99 at Aldi. So that wins for me!
    Have you ever tried Justin’s Organic Hazelnut spread? Yum! (but, $$$!)

  2. Berryhill is the best one for me too!! I love its flavour and it is really cheap. And also, it is the only one where you can check what percentages of hazelnuts and cocoa really are.

  3. We did the taste test on three brands of hazelnut spread, including Nutella, and Berryhill wins every time. We love Berryhill and Aldi!

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