Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Slices

I told you yesterday about finding a prosciutto end on clearance at my local produce market, and made up Parmesan Prosciutto Potato Packets. Today, let's get all low-carb appetizer-y with Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Slices. Note that these are not nice thin wrap-around slices of prosciutto -- my "end," alas, turned out to be mostly rind and wouldn't slice up all pretty like that. Still darn tasty, though! I found this recipe on, and basically halved it for one … [Read more...]

Spinach Salad in a Jar

Seeing as our last couple of recipes were basically made out of oil and Splenda (OK, coconut oil, but still!), I thought it was time to get back to some healthy basic veggies here. You really can eat healthy on the cheap, with just a little planning and a willingness to shop and eat around the sales. This is a Sunday Scratchups recipe in all ways! Check it out: At ALDI today, organic baby spinach was $1.49, organic grape tomatoes $1.99, mushrooms were $.69, and avocados $.89 each. I could … [Read more...]

Simple silly kitchen tricks — dicing an avocado

Next up in our simple, yet sanity saving, kitchen tricks series: Easily dicing an avocado. It took me years, cause I'm kind of slow, to figure out that you didn't have to remove the whole avocado from its peel before dicing it. We never had avocados when I was growing up; it was only later in life that I developed my current love affair with them. So, trial and error! How? You take your halved avocado, and you score it just down to the skin with your knife several times lengthways, then … [Read more...]

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