Sunday Scratchups Moves Back to Mashup Mom

After a lot of thought, I’m moving Sunday Scratchups back to Sundays over on Mashup Mom rather than continuing it here as a separate site. Sunday Scratchups will largely move back to the original focus on weekly recipes around current sales (Scratchups being: Cooking from scratch around matchups!), and I’ll also be posting some of the older recipes back over to Mashup Mom so that we can revisit those there as they’re relevant. It just makes more sense to have everything, including recipes, in … [Read more...]

The bread I’ve been buying — California Sourdough Bread

Following up on last week's corn syrup in salsa post, I've been thinking more lately about where we choose to put our food dollars. One of the things I've been buying regularly is this (fairly) fresh-baked California Sourdough Bread at my local Pete's Market. It's $3.29 for a 28 oz loaf, but has nice simple ingredients: Wheat flour, water, sourdough cultures, and salt. Plus, it's darn tasty! I know -- it's still "white" bread, but sourdough has a lower glycemic index than others and this has no … [Read more...]

I’ve been canned!

OK, so my face is now a big ad for cans. But Cans Get You Cooking was the most clever booth -- go in a photo booth, get your face on a can! Yes, I did get to keep the actual can, too -- lol. Today I learned that the average American kitchen contains 24 cans, that the most popular canned fruit is peaches, and the most popular canned veggie is corn. (Although technically I think corn is a fruit, or a grain? so that's all very confusing.) See, now you can come to Sunday Scratchups for all your … [Read more...]

Welcome to Sunday Scratchups!

Consider this your official welcome to Sunday Scratchups: Adventures of an accidental cook! Sunday Scratchups grew out of a weekly "grocery matchups cooking from scratch" recipe series on its sister couponing and deals blog, Mashup Mom, but has a more inclusive focus on incorporating variety and cooking around sales while accommodating various special diets -- while having a lot of fun along the way! Sunday Scratchups chronicles the journey of an accidental cook: My family didn’t cook much as I … [Read more...]

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