Chicken Asparagus Fajitas

Over on Mashup Mom in What to Eat Thursday this week, we talked about cooking from your stockpile during a slow grocery store sales week and about combining leftover produce, odds and ends, and store sales to scratch up dinner. In that same vein, here's a recipe for Chicken Asparagus Fajitas on our allergy friendly Sunday scratchup -- which, although it prompted two different rants on the salsa and the chicken, actually turned out very well. Let's talk about food allergies for a second here. … [Read more...]

Why is there corn syrup in my salsa?

I recently scratched up a nice chicken asparagus fajitas recipe using some store brand salsa verde that I'd picked up on the Dominick's store closing clearance sales a couple of months ago. And then, I read the ingredients statement to find that it oddly contains: Corn syrup. Can you think of ANY earthly reason why salsa, of all things, would cry out for the addition of corn syrup? Because I sure can't. Maybe I live in a box, or just have lucked out in previously buying brands that don't … [Read more...]

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