Grilled Fish Tacos — made with fresh Mahi Mahi

Last week I brought home a little over a pound of fresh mahi mahi -- which I'd picked up on impulse and on sale, since wild caught mahi mahi at $3.97 a pound seemed like a great deal! I've eaten and enjoyed mahi mahi, but never actually made it before, so took a good look around the kitchen to see what we could scratch up and what looked like a good accompaniment. Avocados, check. Corn tortillas, check. Nice spring day, check. Well, this clearly cried out for Grilled Fish Tacos. So I marinated … [Read more...]

Chicken with Mushrooms

You know how sometimes you kind of need to go grocery shopping, but it's something like 5000 degrees below zero outside? So you of course don't want to leave your nice warm house. Accordingly, you start playing around on the Internet, hoping to find help in scratching up a recipe to use up the food you have sitting around already... Yeah. That's Chicken with Mushrooms, all right! It's so pretty and simple, too. I found this recipe for Chef John's Chicken and Mushrooms on the Google -- and … [Read more...]

Roasted Garlic Artichoke Pasta

This recipe features a box of SimplyNature organic linguine, which I received from ALDI for purposes of review. All opinions in this post, however, are my own. You can see my overall review of ALDI SimplyNature products here. Today we're going to start getting back to the roots of Sunday Scratchups: Recipes around what's on sale at the grocery store this week! Even if you don't share my local grocery stores, sales are cyclical -- meaning that even if pasta and tomatoes and garlic aren't … [Read more...]

Share your rotisserie chicken recipes here!

Sunday Scratchups originally grew out of the "Sunday Scratchups" series over on Mashup Mom: Cooking from scratch around grocery store matchups and sales. Well, I guess cooking with rotisserie chicken technically counts as "semi-scratch," or "nearly homemade," or whatever you want to call it -- but let's get back to those roots this week. If you're in Chicagoland with me, you might be in possession of a $2.00 rotisserie chicken or two this weekend. Well, these are of course tasty by … [Read more...]

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