Chicken Smackdown — Store vs Perdue vs Miller Amish

Welcome back to another Sunday Scratchups Smackdown, where we taste test similar products and report on the results. Up today: Chicken. I popped by a local grocery store recently and picked up three packs of fresh chicken: One whole cut up Miller Amish Country fryer for $2.09 a pound, one package of Perdue chicken thighs (on sale) for $.99 a pound, and one pack of store brand chicken leg quarters (on sale) for $.59 a pound. I wanted also to get organic chicken, but couldn't find any at my store, … [Read more...]

Manuka Honey — and a Sunday Scratchups Smackdown

ScratchupsDad recently went on a business trip to... NEW ZEALAND! Where he sheepishly brought back this jar of organic pure raw Manuka honey, among other goodies. I've never been able to bring myself to spring for Manuka honey before, although I've heard amazing things about its properties. (And, it's currently the #1 selling honey on Amazon...) I can't yet comment on its medicinal value, but plan to give it a try the next time one of us has digestive issues, for one. So this is less a review of … [Read more...]

Battle of the Burgers: A Sunday Scratchups Smackdown

This week, let's introduce a new series here at Sunday Scratchups: The Sunday Scratchups Smackdown, where we'll compare two similar products and see just how they stack up against each other. Up this week: The Battle of the Burgers, where we compare ALDI grass fed, organic, 85/15 ground beef with Jewel 85/15 non-grass fed, conventional, pub burgers. Full disclosure for fairness' sake: The ALDI grass fed beef was fresh; I bought it this week. The conventional pub burgers came out of my … [Read more...]

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