These are a few of my favorite kitchen tools…

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen tools — the ones I use all the time and that you’ll see over and over in my photos! You’ll see nothing in this list that I haven’t purchased and used myself.


Progressive International stainless steel magnetic measuring spoons are awesome. They’re magnetic, so I keep them on the knife rack in my kitchen and they’re always at hand. They stack inside one another. Each spoon has a rounded end and a long narrow end that fits into spice jars for easy measuring. I use these just about every time I cook!


I’ve had this Totally Bamboo five piece utensil set for a couple of years now, and still use it almost daily — it’s held up well and is super useful for everyday cooking.



This two pack of Artisan silicon baking mats is highly recommended, especially if you’re tired of buying parchment paper. Cookies, pizzas, and more just slide right off of these, and you can use them over and over again.


This Nordic Ware microwave spatter cover is awesome. Better than plastic wrap — it won’t melt into your food, for one thing! I leave mine on top of the microwave so it’s easy for everyone to remember to cover their food and avoid splatters.


This Aroma 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is just so darn cute — and functional! Makes easy, perfect, fluffy rice, every single time.


I do not, however, like my rice cooker as much as I love my Crock Pot. I have this exact 7 quart Crock Pot slow cooker, which holds a lot and slow cooks perfectly. If you’re getting a slow cooker, I suggest at least six quarts — the smaller four quart ones just don’t hold enough, and make it hard to fit anything like a whole chicken or a roast.


The slow cooker, however, must vie for my affections, which are torn between that and my Lodge cast iron Dutch Oven. This is fantastic for soups, pot roast, and more, and food just tastes better the longer you have and use it.

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